Zovaya Business Intelligence (zBI)

Business Intelligence solutions represent a family of applications that provide advanced analytical capability enabling
users to transform corporate data into actionable business information. Business Intelligence systems are marked by the following characteristics:

  • Rapid Response Time
  • Business/Reporting-Focused Design
  • Flexible Data Navigation (drill-down, pivot, etc.)
  • Advanced Data Interpretation
  • Multiple Data Presentation Alternatives
  • Sophisticated Analytics (comparison, trend, what-if, etc.)

Organizations must be able to put the right information into the hands of the right people across the entire enterprise at the right time. Users also need new and improved ways to access and analyze information. The tools you provide your users for decision support make the difference between a data prison and an effective data warehouse.

Zovaya Business Intelligence (zBI) solutions provide quicker access to information affecting operational, financial, marketing, and product decisions. Our zBI solution supports executive-level reporting, data mining, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities for your enterprise.

From multiple, disparate (and legacy) systems, across multiple sources, our zBI solutions focus on getting you the information that increases your competitive advantage. We make information available to all users (power users and the periodic browsers), in a format that is most useful for business decisions – easily, and immediately

Drawing from our heritage in large-scale systems integration, we’ve partnered with such companies as Brio, Oracle, Informatica, Business Objects, Cognos, and MicroStrategy in zBI development. Our large scale experience and proven methods assures you a better understanding of your customers, your partners and suppliers, your operations and your key performance indicators.

With zBI solutions, you can reduce cost today, increase revenue tomorrow, and make informed decisions that set the stage for your continued success in the future.

Zovaya Business Intelligence (zBI) Lifecycle Methodology

Zovaya provides business users with a complete Business Intelligence lifecycle methodology that simplifies the steps to business insight, minimizes project costs and risks, and creates new opportunities for rapid business analysis.

The zBI Lifecycle is a business-focused process for managing the design, technical implementation and deployment of custom Business Intelligence Solutions. With the zBI Lifecycle, Zovaya simplifies BI projects so companies can deal with the real complexities facing their businesses. The lifecycle brings together people, process and technology to close the gap between the amount of information available to the business and the number of key decisions that need to be made.

Zovaya provides the unique ability for business-side and IT-side professionals to collaborate throughout the entire Business Intelligence lifecycle, and allows organizations to rapidly adapt to new business requirements and evolving sources of information.

Our partners’ products are organized around a complete, open and scalable Business Intelligence platform that supports our powerful, integrated development model. This model reduces technical complexity, which results in reduced costs for our clients.

Data Warehouse

Why do you need a Data Warehouse?

Your users may be overwhelmed with data, and at the same time they are “underwhelmed” with useful information. You may find that your business’ information is scattered among many operational systems, rendering it inaccessible by key decision makers.

Many IS organizations are faced with a great under-utilization of the precious information held in corporate operational systems. It is simply too difficult for the typical user to get useful information in a timely matter.
As a result, key business decisions are made in a vacuum without the benefit of important tactical and strategic information. This information is just out of reach in the organization’s operational systems.

Data Warehousing is the foundation for many Business Intelligence solutions. However, designing and implementing a successful Data Warehouse that meets specific requirements can be a daunting task for even the most technology-driven company. Zovaya possesses the knowledge and experience to construct an efficient Data Warehouse Solutions that is customized to address your critical business issues. We offer extensive industry experience, technical expertise, and proven methodologies to deliver a personalized Data Warehouse Solutions. Our service offerings include:

  • Project Justification and Requirements Analysis
  • Data Warehouse Architecture and Design
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
  • Data Mining
  • Custom Reporting and Analytic Solutions
  • Software Selection Consulting

Choosing a partner that has proven experience in delivering significant business value in Data Warehousing Solutions is the most important decisions an organization can make. By choosing Zovaya as your partner, your organization’s potential for success will be maximized.

Document Imaging

Document Imaging is a combination of software and hardware that allows users to capture information from a number of sources: paper, fax, e-mail, the Internet, handwritten notes, and other sources. The captured documents are then stored digitally on a computer system and can be retrieved in seconds with a few keystrokes.

Working with our technology partners, Zovaya can provide your organization with a wide range of software packages such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize text documents while other packages use the Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to recognize handwritten documents. Once the imaging software completes the paper-to-digital conversion, the searchable electronic files can be modified as required, then shared instantly on a local or global network.

Notable benefits of Document Imaging includes:

  • Cost Reduction. By converting your documents into electronic files, the business/government agency can reduce personnel costs needed to retrieve the information and reduce storage cost of the paper documents. It will also help to reduce the cost of mailing or couriering the documents to another party.
  • Improved Document Storage and Retrieval. Many businesses are required to maintain accurate records for extended periods of time and to store a huge volume of documents. Collecting this information electronically can alleviate this problem. Furthermore, a company will be able to retrieve this information in minutes on a computer versus having to send a person to find a hard copy of the document.
  • Improved Collaboration/Communication. Businesses/government agencies are able to share documents internally and externally. These electronic images could be sent to several people at the same time. This allows the individuals to make comments in regards to the information and deliver the document within minutes. The process of submitting “hard” copy documents can have a lifecycle of a few hours or perhaps days.
  • Improved Customer Service. Information will become more readily available so that customer questions can be answered promptly. Fast and accurate information retrieval increases revenue for the organization.

Zovaya offers a low risk end-to-end Document Imaging solution to effectively convert, retrieve, print, and store information

Benefits of sourcing these services from Zovaya Include

  • Large scale imaging project management expertise.
  • Proven technology expertise to include data storage, data conversion, intelligent data streams, etc.
  • Customer guarantee for high-quality products.
  • Turn-around schedules that adhere to customer requirements.
  • Measured levels of satisfaction.

Database Management and Administration

Zovaya Consulting offers the most comprehensive set of hierarchical, relational and object oriented database designs. This provides high levels of data integrity and security while facilitating an efficient and reliable integration with enterprise applications.

Zovaya has architected and designed complex databases using a variety of relational and object oriented database such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, and MS Access.

Some of our services include:

  • Database Design and Administration (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Access, Sybase )
  • Database Security and Performance Tuning
  • Provide automated data backup and recovery process development
  • Entity Relationship Modeling with leading visualization tools
  • Conduct system enhancements, including consolidating system redundancies, growth planning and recommending new technologies, when applicable

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