Application Development

Zovaya leads every client through a standard (personalized) design-build methodology, an efficient application development process that enables our application development teams to gather the right type of information, at the right level of detail, and in the right sequence. Just follow our lead — and provide the feedback we require at each phase — and you will see your custom application development evolve from initial application prototype designs, through detailed specification, to a fully-functional application that you can deploy into production use.

The Zovaya process is highly collaborative. Clients are required to review, provide feedback and approve the results of each application development phase, as a prerequisite to proceeding onto the next phase. Our application developers will establish clear milestones to measure progress, manage changes as they occur, drive decisions in a transparent manner, and keep your project focused and on track.


Our Service offerings include but not limited to:

  • Provide Application Reengineering, Enhancement, Testing and Maintenance Support
  • Web and Content Development
  • Customized SharePoint Implementations
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • COTS Implementation

Zovaya brings the business experience and programming skills required to overcome many common challenges to custom application development, and insure that our clients receive the quality and value they expect.


Mobile devices can now offer an equal and sometimes better platform for accessing an enterprise’s information resources.

We leverage our expertise in systems integration, management consulting and data management to ensure that mobile offerings advance the enterprise’s long-term strategic goals. At the same time, a scalable, flexible, maintainable and secure architecture paves the way for rich mobile applications that do not disrupt existing enterprise systems.

Our technical consultants play a key role in clients’ mobile initiatives by handling the complex sets of goals and processes. Using their business intelligence initiative, we ensure that the valuable information gained from a mobile technology project is properly leveraged. This allows mobile technologies to become a long-term, beneficial solution for the client.

Our professionals are uniquely qualified to help you define your mBusiness strategy, create and deliver platform-independent recommendations and comprehensive, integrated solutions.

Our Service offerings include but not limited to:

  • mBusiness Readiness Assessment
  • Implementation of our Mobile User Application Solution Framework
  • Technical Architecture
  • Prototype Definition and Deployment
  • Architecture Implementation
  • Back-End System Integration
  • mBusiness Application Implementation
  • Project Management

Mobile, yet grounded in proven methods

Zovaya’s Mobile User Application Solution Framework consists of proven project methodologies, modularized software architecture, applications of open and standard technologies, and reusable software components. Our solution framework:

  • Has already been applied and proven to be successful in developing solutions for our customers.
  • Is based on proven, open, multi-vendor standards like Java, J2EE, J2ME, HTTP, WAP, XML, Corba, etc
  • Draws on our vast experience in developing mission-critical mBusiness solutions, enterprise applications and systems integration.
  • Leverages our partnerships with several industry leaders and allows us to utilize their products where it is more appropriate to buy versus build.
  • Is based on Zovaya’s proven methodology for defining, developing, deploying, and managing solutions for our customers.

Software Testing

Zovaya has an established software test methodology that provides an objective, independent view to allow stakeholders. Hence, giving them the opportunity to ensure that the software is free of major defects, meets business requirements, provides a foundation of knowledge and risk mitigation associated with the implementation of the software into production.

Some of our software testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilize automated software tools
  • Creation and maintenance of all testing artifacts to include: test plans, scripts, reports and templates
  • Provide robust performance testing
  • Conduct Development Unit Testing that includes applicable coding instructions and data definitions
  • Conduct Software Quality Testing that tests the business requirements, technical interoperability and system performance
  • Conduct System Acceptance Testing that provides for end user acceptance testing
  • Configuration and Release Management

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