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Zovaya Business Intelligence (zBI)

Organizations must be able to put the right information into the hands of the right people across the entire enterprise at the right time. Users also need new and improved ways to access and analyze information. The tools you provide your users for decision support make the difference between a data prison and an effective data warehouse.

Zovaya Business Intelligence (zBI) solutions provide quicker access to information affecting operational, financial, marketing, and product decisions. Our zBI solution supports executive-level reporting, data mining, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities for your enterprise.

From multiple, disparate (and legacy) systems, across multiple sources, our zBI solutions focus on getting you the information that increases your competitive advantage. We make information available to all users (power users and the periodic browsers), in a format that is most useful for business decisions – easily, and immediately

Drawing from our heritage in large-scale systems integration, we’ve partnered with such companies as Brio, Oracle, Informatica, Business Objects, Cognos, and MicroStrategy in zBI development. Our large scale experience and proven methods assures you a better understanding of your customers, your partners and suppliers, your operations and your key performance indicators.

With zBI solutions, you can reduce cost today, increase revenue tomorrow, and make informed decisions that set the stage for your continued success in the future.


At Zovaya, we evaluate opportunities and develop solutions that generate the biggest effect and drive measurable improvements in business performance, productivity, cost management, and customer satisfaction. We deliver value to our customers through a full range of solutions that will enable organizations leverage their existing data to make timely and informed decisions. Zovaya provides professional service solutions in the areas of:

We also optimize our services with adequate training to facilitate knowledge transfer to our clients. Zovaya’s highly skilled solutions team makes this possible through the deployment and integration of best of breed technologies and best practices.


Zovaya services and products reflect our uncompromised commitment to excellence. While delivering value to our customers, we consistently strive to set ourselves apart by reaching for the highest industry standards in technical competency, integrity, commitment, and performance. Our goal is to empower the enterprise and to be the trusted partner in providing information technology solutions.

Zovaya can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to meet the technology challenges facing your enterprise today. So, don’t delay! Expand the reach of your corporation’s most important asset – Information. Let Zovaya ensure the integrity and timely delivery of your information. Contact Zovaya today.



From our collective years of work in the information technology industry, we found that the most critical aspect of implementing new technology has less to do with just the technology itself. We ensure our client success by focusing their resources on the integration of qualified people, efficient business processes and technology.
Zovaya greatest assets and strength consists of highly skilled consultants. We can mobilize the right people with the right skill sets and right technologies to help clients improve their performance.

The fundamentals are essentially:

  • Ask the consumer of the product what they are expecting. How will it make their lives easier?
  • Ask what business process is currently used and how can it be improved to deliver the desired result.
  • Ask if the current process is actually solving the problem(s) it was intended to solve.

Zovaya prides itself with the expertise of our highly trained consultants, process methodology and technology partners. We integrate people, process and technology to achieve the desired results for our customers.



Zovaya Corporation is an information centric company! We focus on providing information technology solutions to organizations thereby enabling them to make intelligent business decisions based on their existing data. Timely and accurate information is the cornerstone of any organization’s existence. Sound business decisions cannot be made consistently without information — the right information, in the right hands, at the right time!

At Zovaya, we are driven by our client’s success as we develop close, long-term relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and continuous delivery of excellence.

Zovaya actively works with private and public industries, governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. These companies are our close partners. Their challenges are our challenges. Their success is our success.