Cloud Computing
We help clients unlock the potential of the Cloud in to order to fuel business growth, gain new insights, open new opportunities.....
Data Management
Removes the complexities of your data management across your organization and improve your decision making capabilities...
IT Consulting Services
We use the expertise and deep technological background of our people to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital .....
Software Solutions
Zovaya leads every client through a personalized design-build agile methodology, an efficient application development process .....
Cyber Security
Our data security experts can help you discover, identify and protect and monitor your most sensitive data wherever it resides .....
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About Us

Zovaya corporation is an information centric company! We focus on providing information technology solutions to organizations thereby enabling them to make intelligent business decisions based on their existing data. Timely and accurate information in the cornerstone of any organization’s existence. Sound business decisions cannot be made consistently without information — the right information, in the right hands, at the right time!

At Zovaya we are driven by our client’s success as we develop close, long-term relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and continuous delivery of excellence. Zovaya actively works with private and public industries, governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. These companies are our close partners. Their challenges are our challenges. Their success is our success….

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